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We are a hardcore guild that is located on Wildstar, Exile Faction, Stormtalon Server.  The leadership has known eachother for 6+ years now as well as have been raiding together for about 5 of those years. We know what it takes to get the job done and thats what we are going to do.  "We are going to be the best no matter the cost" is a saying I have lived by for most of my raiding cereer. What this means is we will do what it takes from long hours to countless talks about the newest and greatest way to kill a boss. We dont sit around and wait for strats to come out we make them. What you can expect from us is a fun and progression style raid enviroment we are a hard core guild but it is still a game so we want to have fun as well. You can expect all the officers to be knowledgeable enough in their respected fields and be able to direct you should they not know.  We also have a 100 slot Team Speak 3 so your friends are more then welcome to hang out with us. If this sounds like you, if you have always wanted to be the best and raid with a serious group then apply and welcome to Ripple Effect.

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